Wednesday, 4 November 2015

தோழர் மதியின் 

Yesterday (02-11-15) I spoke at the National Executive meeting at Aurangabad in the evening session.In an hour long speech i touched upon the following points.
1.Bonus issue must be settled immediately.For this if need be NFTE may organise independent struggle.As NFTCL got the bonus order for contract Labourers with the intervention of CLC in Tamilnadu we may also approach the CLC since BSNL has Rs.800 crore more revenue in the last financial year and already DPE confirmed in 2011 itself that no linkage of profit for payment of PLI in CPSUs.
2.Organisational problems in West Bengal,Kerala,Tamilnadu should be resolved immediately to face the next verification in May 2016.
3.To bolster our vote bank the support of like minded unions and associations such as SEWA and TEPU may be sought on a common understanding well before the Seventh Verification.
4. The problems of newly recruited employees (after 01-10-2000) including terminal benefits be solved without any further delay.
5.Ensure Councils at all levels are functioning as per schedule.Almost all councils throughout the country did not meet thrice during the last three years .
6.As two unions are recognised now the management must be approached to ensure agenda points for the council meetings be sent under the signatures of both leader and secretary of the staff side since in many places the leaders of BSNLEU acts as censor board and misuse their position as secretary of the staff side and refuse to forward the inconvenient agenda points given by NFTE .
7.Recognition to Branch unions must be secured as they are the roots of the Union tree.Further the district unions of Metro circles like Chennai and Kolkata needs to be recognised as in the case of Territorial circles.
8.Seperate subsidiary Tower company must be opposed and stopped at any cost as the said formation will do immense damage to the financial position of BSNL

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